A Service You Can Trust

BMW Servicing Footscray is a service that you can trust. You’ll get more than just your car serviced when you come to us, because we take the time to educate our customers about how their cars work and keep them running smoothly for years to come. Our team of qualified technicians will evaluate your car’s current condition and recommend the appropriate servicing plan for it – so there are no surprises!

The first thing you’ll notice when you drive in is our well-trained service technicians. They are committed to providing the best customer experience, which means they will handle your car with care and respect. You can trust them because they have all been specially trained by BMW Australia to diagnose any problems that may arise – before it becomes a costly issue!

BMW Servicing Footscray

Our servicing plans also include unlimited mechanical breakdown coverage for peace of mind while you’re on the road. If something happens, we’ll be there to fix it so that either way, you won’t need to worry about who or what caused it (that’s usually not under anyone’s control!). We want to make sure that every time you get into your car, everything works perfectly and safely as intended – no more surprises!

We also offer discounts for our loyal customers, so you can save on your car servicing. You can even choose to pay through HICAPS which saves you time at the counter and allows us to process payments more efficiently. We want making a booking as easy as possible – after all, we know how busy life is!

And don’t forget about MOT testing too – because it’s important that your vehicle not only runs well but looks good too! We’ll let you know if anything needs attention before it becomes a costly issue down the track.